Blog lead generation: selling online enquiries to other businesses

“…derive lead generation (supplier enquiries). Can you please shed more light.”

Great question, on selling leads generated by your blog.

It’s a simple idea.

Why lead generation sells

Suppliers need sales conversations to sell their product/service.

The more conversations, the greater the chance to sell.

Building up a pipeline of sales conversations can be costly – many companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars a month just to get their company in front of people.

And when they do – it is not exactly clear which promotional activity really generated the interest. It can be difficult to pin down which campaign worked.

Using your blog for lead generation

With lead generation, a middle man like you and your project build up a pipeline of sales conversations for suppliers through your own marketing channel, like your blog.

You host a landing page on your blog which converts interested people into enquirers about a particular product or service your an affiliated supplier provides.

When a blog reader submits an enquiry via your blog – you pass on the referral to the supplier, but charge them for disclosing the enquirer’s contact details.

Monetising blog lead generation

You can charge in two different ways – subscription model. (A retainer per month let’s say.)


Per lead, non-refundable.

This is the essence of lead generation monetisation.

A quick lead generation example

The idea for you is that you recruit a panel of potential buyers of leads and you send out an alert to, let’s say, 5 suppliers each time.

If, for example, you charge $10 per lead and 3 out of 5 buyers purchase each time. Then you make $30 per lead.

Generate 10 leads per week and you make $300 per week sales revenue.

This is the general pattern of how lead generation businesses work.

It is a great way to monetise a blog.

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