Blog Monetisation Plan

Our blog monetisation plan is about taking the low hanging fruit first.

It will do this by serving 2 audiences:

  • Gauteng start-up poultry farmers
  • US backyard poultry enthusiasts

Here’s why & how…

Blog Monetisation Plan: The Local Audience

The leading strategy in our blog monetisation plan is to serve the local Gauteng farming community with useful startup advice.

All your research of the local Gauteng poultry market will be documented on the website.

  • Prices.
  • Facts.
  • Figures.
  • Contact details for suppliers.
  • Photos.
  • Videos.
  • Interviews.

Plus, more.

Anyone in the locality looking to do a similar thing will be hugely encouraged.

You will want to meet and greet your entire value chain.

Get names and direct contact details for relevant decision-makers.

A lot of your early work will be highly investigative.

We want eventually to build a market-leading resource for poultry farming startups in Gauteng.

Off the back of this, you can derive:

  • advertising income
    • Adsense / Ezoic
    • Banner ads
    • Newsletter placement
  • subscription income
    • online Gauteng poultry farming course
  • lead generation
    • supplier enquiries

Blog Monetisation Plan: The Internation Audience

That said, your plan with this blog is to also monetise international traffic.

Here’s why and how…

People around the world are looking to startup small-scale and backyard poultry businesses.

As part of their research, they look for reputable equipment and services providers online.

This opens up scope affiliate marketing in all major international markets.

Especially America.

Why is this relevant?

Because of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing program.

This is basically an online program which rewards website owners with commission for referring web visitors to the Amazon site who buy products.

The rates vary between 3% – 8% per sale.

Relevant content to publish on your website would be reviews of key products in the poultry category.

Because these product titles are highly specific, there is little competition for them online.

BUT, the searchers using these product name related search terms are looking to make a BUYING decision.

Hence why your commission angle is valid.

Is it a problem that your site is Not at all – people will overlook this, if you serve quality. The country of origin does not matter.

It’s like when you meet someone for the 1st time and they have a heavy accent…you don’t reject them for sounding different.

You accept them for the value they present.


Your blog monetisation plan is therefore focused on two audiences.

One audience should feed immediate income needs (US & World).

And the other should offer income GROWTH potential and prime the launch of your farm (Gauteng farm startup).

The combination is a blog which has legs to stand and is not over dependant upon one particular angle working for you.

It offers a build of cents as well as a build-up of dollars.

Every bit counts.

2 thoughts on “Blog Monetisation Plan

  1. Thank you sir for the insight but l would like to get a better understanding where you are saying we can also derive lead generation (supplier enquiries). Can you please shed more light.
  2. Lead generation is simple enough. You are basically – selling sales conversations to other businesses (providers). Each conversation carries the hope of a sale. Your blog is the ideal channel to meet potential customers of providers. When your blog visitor asks for a recommendation. Point them to a web form and when they fill it out: you have a lead to sell. More info here:

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