Start a weblog

What is a weblog?

A blog in its full form is called weblog – it’s an online diary.

Used in the context of business and remote communications it has HUGE benefits.

Benefits of weblogging

Think of it this way…

“How important is learning in life?”


“How do we learn?”

We communicate.

Think of how many times we needed help and all we needed was just for someone we know (or don’t know) to ‘point us in the right direction’.


Just think of how many things we learn in a day and either don’t write them down,


Write them down on paper, which only we can access. Like in a diary or personal journal.

Start a weblog today

But now think of this:

“What if everything good I ever learned was written down and published for ANYONE out there in the same boat to benefit from?”

This is what weblogging can do.

Don’t be ashamed to weblog before your success

You see the thing is everyone starts from somewhere and when people become great at what they do,

It is only then that they think to ‘give back’ and share what they have learned.

But often what they eventually share as an after thought is a sanitised version of what happened.

But the blood, sweat and tears is left out. (And really it’s that stuff that is going to make a real difference and have impact in someelse’s journey.)

This is where weblogging is such a valuable and giving tool.

Get webloggin now – don’t leave it ’til later

Whilst you go through your suffering you share your insights, thoughts and experience.

This is the stuff of TRUE value to anyone else who’s going through the same.

Weblog daily.

Make it natural. Honest. And good.

Share today.

4 thoughts on “Start a weblog

  1. wow, l love the idea, so many times we see people who have made it in life but they do not make us appreciate their constant loyalty throughout the journey to where they are right now. l think the details of everything that came their way during the process will strengthen someone of us to keep holding on to our dreams no matter the challenges we come across along the way. Thank you sir for this!!!
  2. Exactly right – we just need to have the hope that what today is seemingly small and insignificant (seed) is actually going to bear fruit tomorrow (rewards). And in that case, why not share the value NOW. Rather than waiting for what seems like success in order to tell the ‘tale’. Let people in on what really happening LIVE, as it happens.

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