Online product reviews for money

Companies know the influence of online product reviews on their income…(so why are you not performing online product reviews for money?).

Using and promoting the benefits of products through useful comparisons and demonstrations pulls in HUGE audiences online.

An example online product review website that makes money

Websites like Wirecutter for example (now owned by New York Times) have enjoyed massive snowballing success online in recent years.


Online product reviews are seen as trustworthy

Online consumers would rather hear from users of products they want to buy, than the companies that sell them.

I many ways the natural user story is SO much more useful in making that final decision than some sales patter.

This is why product review websites attract such a large online readership.

But does this work even in the agri-sector?

Sure does!

Youtube agri-product reviews are a great way to earn income

Take a look at Tim Marks (2nd or even third-generation farmer) who gave up his well paid IT job in the city for…

..becoming a YouTube influencer?!

What does that mean?

Here’s what that looks like more clearly:

Since 2009 Tim’s wife has been publishing homemade videos of him and using his small-compact tractor doing small jobs like:

  • pulling down fences
  • moving logs
  • digging rocks
  • shifting soil

etc. whilst serving his local community.

The result?

To date, Tim has published hundreds of valuable practical how-to videos for fellow tractor enthusiasts.

But more importantly, he has generated 55,999,136 views and gathered 136,000 subscribers.

So, how does Tim make his income from all this?

One word,


Sponsorship deals provide a good income for product review site owners & bloggers

Here are some of the deals he currently promotes to his video viewers:

  • 5% Discount at Coupon Code: TTWT Move snow with your front end loader without gouging the rocks/grass
  • 5% Discount at Coupon Code: TTWT Great accessory products for Deere and other compact tractors.
  • hooks for loader bucket, differential lock pedal, seat springs, and many other accessories for compact tractors of all makes.
  • . The absolute best wheel hoe and attachments. Check out our videos using these products to decide for yourself!

For every recommendation that ends up in a sale and his unique code is quoted for a discount, Tim Marks makes a commission from his partnered vendors.

Why not try posting online product reviews for money?

It’s that simple.

A lot of 5%’s add up to a lot of dollars.

Sure, it takes trial, error, persistence, and a plan to transition,

But it is feasible for ANYONE to make home-based money from online product reviews.

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