What is Ampifire?

Ampifire is a web content amplification engine.

In other words,

Ampifire offers the service of mass-distribution advertising on the internet by instantly publishing your web content on many high profile web channels, like NBC news – all at once.

They are promising you large scale, immediate brand exposure on other high traffic websites which they say will result in a large amount of referral traffic (clicks to your website).

The end result: SHOULD be increase sales and at $349 dollars per campaign – at quite a profit.


Aren’t we missing something important here?



Ampifire flawed

If I wanted to get your attention, would I have to (a) shout out loud, or (b) simply call you by name? Herein lies the problem with Ampfire and all other content amplification engines.

They promise to spread your brand far and wide…

But will an impersonal interruption open doors? Or, fall upon deaf ears?

The truth about ads online

Every day on the internet, the average web user gets assaulted by some 5,000 adverts.

As companies pile in to plough their respective fields with further and further ad revenue,

The effect on the web user is a growing aversion to impersonal approaches,

Word of Mouth Marketing is stronger than ever

And yet a growing appreciation for the personal recommendation:

Word of Mouth Marketing

As we spoke yesterday, THE No#1 driver of online consumer sales is the personal recommendation from either:

a) friend of family i.e. someone who knows your name


b) a fellow consumer who has already bought the product and can demonstrate why it will benefit

Trust is why people buy

The common factor with both A & B – someone you can trust personally.

You have judged the person to be telling you the truth because:

  • you know them already, or
  • you don’t know them personally but you have witnessed them using the product you want to buy.

Either way, you know that they are NOT lying to you. Your money will be safe upon their recommendation.

This accounts for between 88 – 92% of ALL online sales…

…says ‘who’?

Says Nielson:

Conclusion on Ampifire

So, let’s not chase amplification with impersonal engines, like Ampifire, but rather sincerity – with the personal touch.

We need to get precise and personal with our potential customers online.

Maybe, at first, we won’t know them well enough to call them by name, as merely a passerby.


Surely we can win their trust if we demonstrate to them the products they intend to buy and show the value of their investment…

BEFORE they buy.

Giving them confidence to buy on our recommendation will translate into commission-based rewards for us.

The more we demonstrate the benefits of the desired products and services of our audience…

…the more they will trust and buy on our recommendation.

Giving credit to our hard work.

The more demonstrations…

the more we will earn.

It all comes down to TRUST.

Are you ready?

Here’s the golden rule:

“If you want somebody else to buy something,

then buy it yourself and share the story.”

Simple as that.

You will never lack income from that day onwards.

Are you ready to do this with AgriProjectGauteng?

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