Setting Up a WordPress Installation in IONOS

Why use WordPress on IONOS?

Setting up WordPress on IONOS is our first step with The Handyman SEO project.

WordPress is a content management system – not just a website builder.

This means if we are serious about the site’s content (as Google most certainly is) then this is the IDEAL tool for use.

The process is simple enough and will not cost your client any more money – because he already has hosting with them.

All we are doing is telling IONOS which platform we prefer the website to sit on.

Again, WordPress is undoubtedly the best for this project.

Process of setting up WordPress on an IONOS hosting account

(You can find the official IONOS WordPress installation guide here:

Step #1 – Choose the project’s domain name and start the step process

  1. Go to: Domains underĀ My Products.
  2. Next, choose the client’s domain.
  3. Click Create Website,
  4. Click on WordPress ‘Get Started’.

The points above start the process.

Step #2 – Getting the login details confirmed

  1. Set up your website project name
  2. Define a username and password for logging in (choose a strong password with alpha, numeric and symbols)

These details are what you will use to access the website ongoing (keep safe and share with the client).

Step #3 – Automatic set-up

Everything that is of a technical necessity for the website to function, like databases and the latest versions of software will be set up automatically, without you having to acquire any expertise.

Step #4 – Log in and get started

  • Click ‘Edit Website’ link

This takes you straight through to the login page and using the new credentials you just made up in step 2 above…

…Log in and begin using WordPress on IONOS.

Now over to you…

How did you get on with the installation of WordPress?

Did you find the IONOS instructions useful or were there elements missing?

Let me know your thoughts…

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