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    1. Use this page template:
    (a) What is “[service]” name?
    – Write a brief, but complete factual definition for the service name.
    – Maximum 60 words
    *(TIP for Tim: find other high ranking definitions and make a list of ingredients – then re-write your own recipe.)

    (b) Benefits of having a [service name] for your house
    – Tell a homeowner why this type of project is a worthwhile investment for them
    – Maximum 75 words

    (c) Example renovation project in [place name], Gauteng
    – Use Walter’s project photos & summarise in a few words what he did, for whom and where
    – Maximum 30 words
    *(TIP for Tim: record Walter talking through the project by phone.)

    (d) Advantages of choosing us for [service name]
    – Describe Walter’s unique take on what he does differently on such a project
    Maximum 200 words / maximum 5 points
    *(TIP for Tim: record Walter talking through the differences by phone.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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